Chrome new tab page

or create a favorite in you favorites bar for and move it to the first favorite 2) click CTRL / Home icon . But fine is about the nicest word you can use to describe it.

Back in Chrome 54, Google replaced Chrome for Android's New Tab page with a new design that prominently featured suggested content - much like Google Now's feed. (eg setting up for new tab) 1) Either have your HOME button set to for EDGE startup. And just like Chrome’s curvaceous new window dressing the redux new tab page is restyled according to the newer, rounder version of … I use that every time when the user first installs the extension, I open the about page, you can do the same for the popup page. For instructions on removing your custom new tab page: Click here For all other help articles: Click Here

Don’t get me wrong: Chrome’s New Tab page is fine. Chrome New Tab serves free extensions for the Google Chrome web browser.

If you remember the good old versions of our favorite browsers, be it Chrome, Firefox or IE, opening a new tab in them either opened a blank page or a specific website automatically. Setting Up “Things To Do” Once you have browsed to the extension homepage click on the “Add to Chrome Button” to start the install process. Infinity New Tab is another best Chrome extension that could help you to transform the ‘New Tab’ page. Customize your browser's new tab page and display different wallpapers each run. Your custom new tab page is a great place to get new content, all from one easy location. The new "New Tab" page used to be easy enough to avoid: A setting in Chrome's about://flags section let you toggle back to the original "New Tab" setup with a flip of a switch.

Tweet; Share; 0; I got a treat when I opened Google Chrome on my laptop this morning: a new-look new tab page! Now you can add a To-Do List to the New Tab Page with a simple-to-install extension. Millions of users right now use the chrome extension. The webpage still opens on a new tab, but the Replace New Tab Page is disabled, so next time you open a new tab, it will open the default New Tab page.

Note: This extension only works on the latest Dev Channel builds for Windows & Linux (4.0+).

Infinity New Tab can be used to customize the new tab pages to display weather reports, notes, bookmarks, To-Do List, Gmail notifications, etc.

or CTRL / Google in your favorites bar . Yes, a popup page is just a normal extension page, you can do the following to open a new popup tab from the background page.

It seems Google is testing a redesign of the browser’s ‘New Tab Page’ that brings it in line with the rest of Google Chrome’s new look.

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