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Resume services can save you time and energy, they also assist in getting broad exposure for your resume. There's a difference between posting your resume to job sites and blasting it all over the world. When you post your resume it will be uploaded to a list of specific job sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, and Yahoo! HotJobs. 


ResumeRabbit, for example, posts your resume to 85 of the top career sites. You'll get login information for each site, so you can update your resume and apply directly to job postings on each site. “Job searching can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially in a recession. ResumeRabbit.com efficiently cuts through the clutter and saves job seekers endless research and data entry time,“ said Lee Marc, Managing Director and Co-founder of eDirect Publishing LLC.(The normal one-time fee for Resume Rabbit is $59.95 for a one-time resume posting on up to 85 different job posting sites.)  


In contrast to the more selective resume posting services, when you blast your resume it's sent via email (key word here) to thousands of employers and recruiters. Before you decide which approach is best for your situation, here is a short list of questions you need to ask yourself:

Do I have the time or patience to do this work myself?

Will a more objective look at my resume help give it the polish it needs or am I getting the results I need already?

Do I need a lot of exposure or am I seeking a specialty position?

As is the case with all these methods, make sure your resume is in good shape before you post, distribute, or blast it. 

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