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Amazing Race Contestant Sign Up | Printable Application
Application for the Next Amazing Race
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See the world while you compete for a million dollars on The Amazing Race! Get your questions answered and get started on the trip of your life!


When is the next Amazing Race? Applications for The Amazing Race 17 must be received by Thursday, February 4, 2010 (CBS reserves the right to extend this deadline). The Amazing Race Season Premiere for the Amazing Race 17 is Sunday, September 26 ,2010. The Amazing Race casting call for season 18 is already under way. However, The Amazing Race 2011 auditions will not begin until after the airing of season 17.

How do I enter /sign up for The Amazing Race? When submitting an application for The Amazing Race, each member of your team should complete a separate application. Both applications should be submitted together, along with one videotape of DVD for the whole team. Be sure and review the application procedure and eligibility requirements carefully before submitting your applications.

How do I become a contestant on The Amazing Race? Your Amazing Race application is reviewed for: skills you have in your occupation and how these skills might help you win the race, driver’s license, passport, what you hope to gain from the race, your relationship with your teammate and how you communicate, whether there is any place you are not willing to travel, your opinion of foreigners, mental and physical fitness, criminal record and you prior experience with reality shows.

The Amazing Race sign up package includes: a three minute maximum video explaining why you are perfect for the race with both teammates together on the video, applications with release and waivers, US passport (or proof of application), passport size photo of each member and a recent photo together, an envelope marked with a 1-10 of the corresponding city nearest you. Both teammates must report to the same city for casting calls/interviews. Packages are mailed to:

The Amazing Race Casting

200 North Continental BLVD 2nd Floor

El Segundo, CA 90245

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pdficon25x25    Download or Print The Amazing Race Application here.                                                                     

                     (you will need Adobe Acrobat to view these applications)

pdficon25x25    Download or Print the Amazing Race Application Procedure and Eligibility Requirements here.

                     (you will need Adobe Acrobat to view these applications)






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