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Hemlock Semiconductor Jobs Fair
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Hemlock Semiconductor, L.L.C. will hire approximately 500 people at the new Clarksville, Tennessee site. This process has already started and will continue through early 2012

Many employment categories will be required to design, build, and operate the facility. Some of which include:    degreed and experienced chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineers; experienced and certified journeypersons in various skilled trades disciplines: electrical, instrumentation, power pack/power distribution, process information control systems, HVAC, pipefitters/welders, millwrights, and machinist trades;  and specially trained chemical process operators.

Pay scales will be consistent with local and national practices that match the competitive market or similar positions. Hemlock Semiconductor employees in manufacturing and production operations roles can earn an annual salary in the range of $37,000 to $58,000 ($29,000 to $48,000 annual base rate without overtime). Plus a competitive benefits package that includes profit sharing for Hemlock Semiconductor employees at all job levels in the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Production Operations Positions

1. What are the minimum qualifications needed for a production operations position?

Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED, be at least 18 years of age, be computerl iterate and successfully passed all six categories of Work Keys testing. They also must have successfully completed a Hemlock Semiconductor approved chemical operator program at Austin Peay State University OR 4 years of relevant military experience OR journeyman status in a trade utilized by Hemlock Semiconductor OR have 2 years of relevant manufacturing experience and successfully passed all six categories of Work Keys testing.

2. What is included on the pre-employment test?

Hemlock Semiconductor utilizes Work Keys testing and all interested applicants are required to have Work Keys testing completed in order to be considered eligible for application. Tests aregiven on Applied Math, Applied Technology, Locating Information, Reading for Information, Observation and Teamwork. The minimum scores needed for each test are:

Applied math = 5 Reading for Information = 5

Applied Technology = 4 Observation = 5

Locating Information = 5 Teamwork = 4

Work Keys testing is a job skills assessment used to predict individuals’ success and preparation for the workplace. The testing consists of three (3) elements:

1. Job skill assessments, which are designed to measure foundational and personal skills as they apply to the workplace.

2. Job analysis, which pinpoints or estimates skill benchmarks for specific job positions that individuals must meet through testing.

3. Skill training, which helps individuals boost their scores.

3. Is study material available prior to taking the Work Keys testing?

Yes. Self-paced online study materials can be provided to practice for the exam. Contact the Montgomery County Career Center for access to study materials at (931) 551-9737 ext. 100. There is no cost for study materials.

4. Where can I test?

The Montgomery County Career Center is the only location in Middle Tennessee that offers all six Work Keys tests. Please contact the Montgomery County Career Center in Clarksville at 931-551-9737 to schedule an appointment or get further details on where to test if you live outside the Clarksville area.

5. What are the steps in the hiring process?


Step 1. Apply on-line.

Step 2. Credentials are reviewed for qualifications.

Step 3. If selected and invited, complete an interview assessment.

Step 4. If selected and invited, participate in an on-site interview.

6. Where do applicants apply?


Postings for production operations positions can be found at www.hscpoly.com and www.dowcorning.com/careers. Jobs will be listed only when the company is actively recruiting externally. All applicants are required to obtain certification through Work Keys testing before they apply for a production operations position within Hemlock Semiconductor.

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